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Champagne Bourcier,

producer winegrower in Couvrot


Bourcier, a family story since 1968

Our first vines were planted in 1968 by our Grandfather Léon Bourcier. And there our story of Champagne begins... We aquired our present site of just over one third of an acre in 1991 and instantly decided to extend our wine growing area with the addition of our Grandfather’s vines. All throughout that first year and in all weathers we worked diligently, with passion, care and love, to raise our Chardonnay grapes whilst giving total respect to the « terroir ».

Our champagne domain

In 2013, in collaboration with four expert wine growers and an experienced local farmer, we created the « Pressoir de Gravelines » a new pressing centre where we now press not only our own grapes, but also those of other growers.


Our passion at your disposal

The grape juice is transported to our co-operatives who take our wines through the next delect step of fermentation and processing prior to being bottled and distributed to our wine merchants. By blending together ancient techniques and new modern technology we are able to ensure that each stage of this process is strictly supervised and controlled in fine detail, respecting totally the age old tradition of the « Méthode Champenoise ».

The harmonising of all these procedures truly expresses the spirit of « Les Maisons de Champagne ».

Each passing year, after these artists of production have shared, with us, their talents, we find ourselves finally at the moment when the « crus, cépages and vin de réserve », like some secret ritual, are subtly blended together to create their own unique distinctive styles. Each one of the « cuvees » in our selection reveals not only its own character, but also its own differences, thereby offerering you, the consumer, a wide range of flavours and aromas, rich and various, reflecting nature’s work of art.


A high quality Champagne

We create all our cuvees with a lot of passion. We propose a wide range of wines to charm your taste buds: from rosé to demi-brut, not to mention the famous Ratafia de Champagne, you will easily find the Champagne that suits you.


It is possible to visit us at our domain all year long. We are located in the heart of the vineyards from Vitry-le-François, named "coteaux vitryats". We will be pleased to welcome you and we will present our work, our products around a good tasting session! We are selling our products directly at our showroom. Obviously, if you can't move to our domain, it is possible to order some boxes. If you are interested, please send us an email with your order form. We stay at your disposal if you need any advice. 

In order to certify our efforts in the promotion of wine tourism and quality, we have joined the label « Vignobles et découvertes » created by Atout France, the French tourist office. It helps visitors to recognize tourist activities around wine, which will make you understand this specific sector. Indeed, we are able to certify all our serious with our products and services. Moreover, we are also certified as "Sustainable winegrower in Champagne".

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation

Champagne Bourcier     |     9, Chemin des Imblines, 51300 Couvrot, France     |     Tél.    |     frederic@champagnebourcier.com